Special Meetings Resources

If you missed our Apologetics Conference last weekend, I invite you to listen to the sessions online on our website. They were fantastic! These are a few resources to aid your study, especially as they relate to the material in sessions 3 and 4. Click on the links below to access these materials. This is… Read More ›

January 2018 Newsletter Article

I don’t think I have anticipated anything like we have been anticipating our time at St. Paul’s. Our entire family is so excited to be here. We have already been so blessed by the congregation, especially, Nathaniel, Kevin, and Pastor Micah. They have given us a great feeling about what is to come. Thank you… Read More ›

December 2017 Newsletter Article

It’s hard to believe that we are one fast holiday month away from the arrival of our intern! We are currently going through the application process on a rental house in Moorhead for the Patenaudes. Later in December, there will be a cleaning day organized. The house is in good shape, but there are some things… Read More ›