April Showers

April showers bring May flowers. This old saying is laced with hope meant to get you through the season of rain and gloom. It is meant to remind you that while you go through the season of rain, there is a season of sunshine and beauty awaiting – budding flowers, green grass, the warmth of… Read More ›


Departures. They evoke many different emotions. A rough start to a vacation is a delayed airline departure with the frustration that comes from having travel plans messed up from the get-go. Hospital departures however, often bring joy from the doctor’s news, “You’re being discharged today. You’re going home.” Watching a loved one departing for active… Read More ›

Season of Shadows

Winter brings about long shadows in this part of the world. The angle of the sun is much lower in the sky, and that also makes our days shorter. These shadows usually aren’t a big problem for us, but I must confess the shadow of my house annoys me in the early spring when my… Read More ›

New Beginnings

10…9…8… the excitement of a new year is upon us. At some point, I’m sure most of you have celebrated the new year by counting down with friends or family. This year, more than ever, there seems to be an excitement to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror and start fresh in 2021. I recently read… Read More ›

Christmas and COVID

In 1872, John Baptiste Calkin put to music a poem penned by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on Christmas Day 1864 but not before deleting two stanzas most reflecting Longfellow’s deep despair. Personal tragedies and the Civil War had invaded Longfellow’s household prior to that Christmas Day.   Then from each black accursed mouth, the cannon thundered… Read More ›

Citizens of God’s Kingdom

It’s so easy to be critical of the Israelites of Jesus’ day. Their wicked King Herod tried to kill Jesus as a toddler, and their religious leaders opposed Him throughout His ministry. The people wanted Jesus to fill their bellies, and when He told them that wasn’t His purpose for being there, they walked away… Read More ›

Hallowed Be Thy Name

I am 36 and am finally going through confirmation! Having grown up in a Baptist/non-denomination church, I had never gone through the confirmation program. Who would have thought I would be going through confirmation with my oldest son! It is a joy and privilege to see the basic doctrines of the church being taught to… Read More ›

Reflections From an Empty Church

May 2020 Newsletter Article   Oftentimes, I write these newsletter articles with an eye to upcoming events. This month, I’ve decided to “turn around” and reflect on the last month at St. Paul’s. I’m doing this for two reasons. First, it’s hard to know what the month of May will look like. I’m hoping still… Read More ›

Some Thoughts on Coronavirus

Dear Church Family, While we have heard much about the Coronavirus for a number of weeks now, the last few days have brought a seemingly endless stream of breaking news regarding the pandemic. These headlines are starting to hit close to home, and decisions are being made that affect our schedules and routines. Justified or… Read More ›