June 2018 Newsletter Article

Simple Google searches about topics like creation and evolution, the virgin birth, and the Holy Spirit reveal that there are a lot of beliefs regarding those doctrines in our world today! It’s true that different doctrines, false doctrines, have been around for thousands of years, but never before in the history of the world has… Read More ›

April 2018 Newsletter Article

For over 60 years April 15th has been a dreaded day for millions of Americans – Tax Day. No matter what side of the political aisle you are on, most believe our government is not the best steward of its resources (or lack thereof). Some grimacing when writing that tax check may be warranted. However,… Read More ›

May 2018 Newsletter Article

We are unofficially entering “wedding season.” I read about one study that determined that 80% of the weddings in 2015 happened between May-October. I think the numbers would be similar for other years too. Several factors contribute to that, the weather being a reason that we are very familiar with in the Upper Midwest. Marriage… Read More ›

March 2018 Newsletter Article

I read an article this week that was of particular blessing to me. The title of the article was “The Joy of an Unaccomplished Life,” written by Chad Bird. Basically, the article talks about the cultural pressure to excel and achieve and how easy it is to fall into that mentality. On the other hand,… Read More ›

Special Meetings Resources

If you missed our Apologetics Conference last weekend, I invite you to listen to the sessions online on our website. They were fantastic! These are a few resources to aid your study, especially as they relate to the material in sessions 3 and 4. Click on the links below to access these materials. This is… Read More ›