August 26th Bible Study Guide

John 21

Authorship issue:



The Miracle

The Beachside Breakfast

  • The provision of the call


The Seaside Installation Service


 Peter’s Restoration – Commission

The word ‘Love’






The Three Questions

What is “these?”


What is the qualification needed for serving in ministry that Jesus is seeking in Peter?.


What is Jesus expressing when He uses the words “My lambs”


Why might Jesus repeat the same question?


The Greek uses a different word for love in Jesus’s third question. Why might that be?


How would you describe Peter’s response to the third question?



What does Jesus describe in vs. 18?


How does Jesus’ command for Peter to “Follow Me” complete his restoration?


What are some take home messages for us today when dealing with failures committed by individuals in the church, even our own?


The Confusion of the Last Question