Cancellations and Streaming Info

As mentioned by Pastor Micah yesterday, St. Paul’s encourages anyone who is concerned about Covid-19, as well as anyone who isn’t feeling well, to stay home from tomorrow’s service. To better serve our congregation during this time, we will be streaming the 8:30 service on Facebook Live, where it will be available to watch in real time and also rewatched later on.

As this is St. Paul’s first attempt at streaming, please bear with us if there are any technical difficulties. We hope to stream without interruptions, even if the quality of the live-stream isn’t very high just yet.

Details about the order of service will be shared on Facebook as well, and we encourage anyone worshiping at home to join in as we make the effort to allow all to have access to this time of corporate worship, even if they feel it’s best to not leave their home.

Since this is a public page, the video should be available to watch even by people who don’t have a Facebook account. The Facebook page is located here.



All Sunday School classes tomorrow will be canceled at the recommendation of the Christian Education committee.

There will be no coffee and snacks during the 9:30 Fellowship Time. The Fellowship Hall will still be open for anyone who would like to use that space to fellowship between services, but there will not be food or drinks served.

The Lenten Supper for this upcoming Wednesday has also been canceled. As of Saturday, March 14th, the service will be going on as scheduled, but there is always a possibility of changes. Please watch your emails, the website, and the Facebook page for updates regarding the schedule.


Thank you for your understanding. We hope to either see you at church or “see you” online for tomorrow’s service. Stay safe, love your neighbor, and serve the Lord.

In Christ,
St. Paul’s Staff