February 10th Bible Study Guide

Bible Study will be held on Zoom and in person. The Zoom link can be found at this link or through the following ID and Passcode:

Meeting ID: 869 7716 2996

Passcode: 658783




The Better Ministry of Jesus the High Priest – Vs. 1-6


Why was Jesus disqualified to be a high priest here on earth?



Why was it important for the Moses and the Israelites to construct the tabernacle exactly as God had prescribed? What is a copy and shadow?



How is it, that Moses was able to get it built exactly as according to plan?




What defines Jesus’s ministry as a more excellent ministry?



How the Better Covenant is Better – Vs. 8-13


What is the fault that God finds with the people under the Mosaic covenant?



What is the Gospel Message the Lord declares in vs. 8?


The Three Components of the New Covenant