May 13th Bible Study Guide

Friends. I am making this available to help guide our discussion during the Bible Study this Wednesday. If you have the time, I’d suggest using them as a means to prepare for the study time. These questions simply reveal the direction and focus I have in mind for our conversation during the Zoom meeting. They are in no way exhaustive or meant to exclude other points of interest and observations others may have and want to share.

Thank you,

Pastor Peter

John 15:1-17


Vs. 1-11 The Relationship between His Disciples and Jesus – “Vine” Living


Being mindful to whom Jesus is speaking…



What is the motivation Jesus reveals behind this particular teaching on fruit-bearing?  See vs. 11.



What is the triad relationship Jesus describes in vs. 1-2a?



When Jesus speaks of Himself as the “true” vine, what can be implied from His decision to say that?



What is unique about Jesus being the true vine?



What is the outcome or evidence in a Christian’s life when this healthy relationship continues on?



What is this fruit that Jesus refers to?



What are the four levels of fruit bearing: vs. 2 & vs. 5



Who does the work of pruning?



What are His means to prune?



Are there areas of your life or things that need pruning because they are hindering fruit bearing?



Does the branch produce the fruit or bear the fruit? According to vs. 4, from where does the fruit come?



Fruit bearing is dependent upon ___________.



What is the stated truth Jesus gives in vs. 6?



What are the four rules (commands) Jesus makes regarding the very nature of a healthy ongoing relationship with the resurrected Jesus in vs. 7-10?



Vs. 12-17 The Relationship Jesus’ disciples have with one another


What is the command Jesus leaves for His disciples and in what way is that only possible?



What is the example Jesus uses to prove the validity of His claim made in vs. 13?



How does being a friend of Jesus differ from being a slave?



What are the limitations Jesus places on prayers made in vs. 16



What overarching desire does Jesus have for His disciples?