November 4th Bible Study Guide

Hebrews 4:11-16

The Exhortation   –   “Let us…” Vs. 11




Upon hearing the exhortation to be diligent, what should that indicate to the reader?


In the context of what is being talked about, what is the natural tendency for most of us when told to be diligent? And why?






What is the consequence of disobedience in spoken of in vs. 11?



The Significance of the Word – Vs. 12


When you read vs. 12, what do you hear?








Able to judge


Vs. 13 What response should take place in the human heart from the combination of these two statements, “There is no creature is hidden from His sight” and “all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him”?


Confidence to Hold Fast – Our Great High Priest Vs.14-16


“Hold fast our confession” – What is this confession?


In what way is Jesus different than all others in being tempted?


How is God’s throne described for the believer?


What is found at the throne of God?