April 28th Bible Study Guide

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HEBREWS 9:23-28

The need for purification of the heavenly things by better sacrifices


Hebrews 9:23-26aThe Need for Purification


Copies of heavenly things – what does this refer too?



Is it saying that the heavenly things are also purified?



Christ has entered… for what purpose?



Why does Christ not have to continue to suffer?


Hebrews 9:26b-28 – Once For All!

What does “end of the ages” mean?


Man is also appointed a once for all. What follows? How do you feel about that?


The purposes of the two comings:

  • First coming – what is his purpose?


  • Second coming – what is His purpose?


Application: How does Christ’s “once-for-all” change your “once-for-all”






The Role of the High Priest on the Day of Atonement and of Christ as High Priest in the Heavenly Tent



The High Priest on Earth


Christ as High Priest in Heaven


Entry into the Most Holy Place


• Entry into the second tent (the inner shrine) by himself once a year (9:7)

• Entry into the holy places annually (9:25)


• Entry once for all into the greater and more perfect tent, not handmade (9:11–12; cf. 9:27–28)

• Entry into heaven rather than a handmade copy of it (9:24)

Sacrificial victims


Goats and bulls (9:12–13) Jesus as the sacrifice (9:26; cf. 7:27)
Purpose of the sacrifice


• On account of his own sins (9:7; cf. 7:27)

• On account of the people’s sins of ignorance (9:7; cf. 7:27)


• To obtain eternal redemption (9:12)

• For the annulment of all sin (9:26)

• To bear the sins of many people (9:28)



• Blood for himself and the people (9:7)

• Blood that is not his own (9:25)

• His own blood (9:12)

• Himself (7:27; 9:14, 25; cf. the offering of his body in 10:10; the curtain of his flesh in 10:20)

Result of the offering


Purification of the earthly copies and antitypes of the heavenly places: the Holy of Holies with the ark and the mercy seat and the Holy Place with the altar for incense (9:23–24) • Purification for sins (1:3)

• Purification of the heavenly places (9:23b)

• Purification of the conscience for service to the living God (9:14)

The purpose of entry into the inner shrine


Appearance before God in the handmade holy places on earth on behalf of himself and the people (9:7, 24) Appearance before the face of God in heaven on our behalf (9:24)[1]

[1] Taken from John Kleinig’s commentary on Hebrews (Concordia Commentary)