February 3rd Bible Study Guide

Bible Study will be held on Zoom and in person. The Zoom link can be found at this link or through the following ID and Passcode:

Meeting ID: 869 7716 2996

Passcode: 658783


HEBREWS 7:15-28


The two components of Christ’s priestly office are:





Some starting questions…

Why is it important for me to understand the significance of His Priestly office?

What does this have to do with my faith?


What is the significance of this oath spoken of in verse 20?



Vs. 20-21 God Made an Oath…

What is the significance when God makes an oath?

What is an oath?



  1. 22 Jesus the Guarantee

What is a guarantee of a covenant?


How is Jesus the surety of a better covenant and what does that mean to you?



Vs. 24-25 Jesus the Intercessor

Two classes of His intercessions for us:


When does Jesus’ term as High Priest expire?



Vs. 26-28 The Perfect High Priest for Us

How is it fitting for us that Jesus is our High Priest?

How is Jesus the High Priest distinct from the other High Priest?