November 11th & 18th Bible Study Guide


Look at Exodus 28:1 and Numbers 3:1-7. How did Aaron, his sons, and the Levites become priests?




Look at Hebrews 5:1-4. How do these verses describe the authority and work of the high priest in the old covenant?




  • How does the language of verse 2 compare with that of Hebrews 4:15?




In Hebrews 5:5-6, how does Jesus compare to the high priests in the temple?




What training did the Son receive for his priesthood (verses 7-8)?




  • Writer John Kleinig says, “The human experience of suffering from the threat of death all to often leads to disobedience and rebellion against God.” What are some examples of this?




Look at verses 9-10. What was the purpose of Jesus’ “training?”




What is the source of our eternal salvation?




The tone of the chapter shifts in verse 11. Why does the author interrupt his lesson on Christ’s priestly office?




Describe the analogy that the author uses for his audience in verses 12-13.




What does nourishment with the Word of Righteousness produce(verse 14)?